Your Comfort. Your Energy. Your Water.
Water is our most precious resource. It determines our way of living, our comfort, our health. VISION WATER brings you a new concept for your residential water. With VISION WATER, we commit ourselves to protect your water.
Our VISION WATER devices treat the water in your homes and offer you safe & softened residential water. It’s our mission to develop the best possible devices that guarantee a longer life time of your household appliances, a healthier skin, softer laundry, less usage of soap, …
Over four decades, Pollet Water Group has been thinking water. It’s our mission to improve the quality of life, the comfort of doing business and the efficiency of industrial processes through a network of specialized water treatment companies. Our solutions protect your home and business against costly replacements due to the damaging effects of water. Our technologies make it possible to turn seawater into drinking water. Our know-how even contributes to achieving the best possible quality of life for dialysis patients.

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