By the term “water filter” we mean a filter that removes impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process.
The filters are supplied with a spanner and a wall bracket. To ensure the proper functioning of the filters, we recommend that you replace the bowl every 5 years.

MAZ Filters

VISION WATER MAZ Filter cartridges are designed to provide an easy, effecitive method to reduce dissolved iron from water and greatly improve the taste & odor of your water. MAZ helps to eliminate the brown stains that are often found in sinks, toilets & tubs. On top of that, the filter cartridge adds no harmful chemicals to the water making it completely safe for drinking water applications.

One Cartridge Tank Filter

The VISION WATER unique ONE Cartridge Tank filter is the ideal solution to effectively remove a multitude of particulates like iron, lead,… It’s designed to replace smaller, commonly used cartridge filters. The ONE Cartridge Tank is a protected and panted design, has a flush possibility and greatly extend replacement cycle times. It’s perfect for most water conditions where pre- or post-filtration for particulates is needed.

Interested in Vision Water for your larger commercial applications like apartments, offices, restaurants,…? Contact us for our duobloc solutions