RO (Reverse Osmosis) Devices®improve the water quality by removing minerals such as sodium, sulphate, chlorine, sediment and bacteria. Better water not only influences your devices, but also the taste of your coffee, your tea, your ice. The domestic & commercial solutions provided by Vision Water improve your day-to-day life and ease your comfort.

What makes your Vision Water RO unique?
Short payback time
No more bottles of water
Compact design: 43 x 28 x 55 (cm)
No need to use a towel to dry crystal glasses
after rinsing with RO water
Perfectly suitable for ironing

Better taste of your coffee and tea
Plug & Play systems
24h/24h clear and pure water
Capacities: LG 75 GDP
Jako connection
24 Volt, 1,2 amper mechanic adapter

Interested in Vision Water for your larger commercial applications like apartments, offices, restaurants,…? Contact us for our duobloc solutions