MonoBloc – SMALL
MonoBloc – LARGE

Softening of water is the removal of calcium.

Softened water gives an extension of the lifetime of your pipework and all household applications further in line. Using softened water has a positive effect on your hair & skin.

You as well safe energy costs as on detergents.

Believe it: using softened water has a positive effect on your way of living.

Vision Water defined an ingenious water softener with 3 configurations: Care, Safe & Complete. Starting from the care configuration you can add more options.

What makes your Vision Water Softener unique?
Advanced electronics
Whether you chose for care, safe or complete, your Vision Water softener uses advanced electronics thanks to the Water Right© technology.

Compact design
A Vision Water softener has a dimension of

50 cm W x 110 cm H.

Energy saving
A Vision Water softener is an efficient softener. Thanks to the WET Technology on the safe & complete configuration we add a unique way of saving salt & water.

Safe unit
When you need addition protection, the use of a chlorine generator to disinfect the media in the unit will guarantee a safe & hygenic unit.

Available for 1”
DotMatrix backlight multi-colour screen
Multiple languages
Energy saving features
Service alarm
Displays phone number of your installer
Birm or other taste/iron removal media
Patented Crystal Right media
Chlorinator + salt alarm
Disinfection through ozone
Proportional brining + Proportional reg.
Low battery and low voltage indication
Double regeneration and alternate reg.
90 days/24 hours historical data
1 free programmable relay contact
2 free programmable relay contacts
Double output for MAV and/or NHWB
Second water meter possible
Wifi connection
Colour change of display during regeneration
MonoBloc – small
MonoBloc – LARGE

WET Technology
WET or Water Efficient Technology allows a softener to use only that amount of water and salt to clean itself and nothing more. This unique and patented process is good for the environment and is exclusively offered on Vision Water Softeners.

WIFI Connection
Thanks to the WIFI-connection, you can consult through a mobile web application your device, ask for a salt alarm, see excessive water use, etc. If any problems occur, your installer can assist you from a distance guaranteeing you carefree softener.

Crystal Right or Resin
Crystal Right is a zeolite that can soften, remove iron, manganese. Most importantly it is easy to disinfect with chlorine with the on board chlorinator. In this way we can guarantee a hygienic filter unit.

Interested in Vision Water for your larger commercial applications like apartments, offices, restaurants,…? Contact us for our duobloc solutions